In 1999, the idea of selling patented innovations to companies was the official undertaking of Conceptengineering. Ideas were sold successfully, but gradually, companies wanted us to be involved in the implementation phase as well. This led us day by day to become more engaged with our clients’ businesses as we developed more improvements to apply to other processes. In time, we became responsible for the optimisation of processes in many different departments and companies at numerous different enterprises and across a variety of industrial sectors.



The art of running a business successfully requires perfect harmony and interaction between all departments, thereby focusing on the customer’s needs. For this to function smoothly, companies need efficient systems, high innovative power, transparent and clear processes, and a strong team.  In this overall unit, it is essential to constantly optimize processes and thereby secure the sustainable, long-lasting successful business of a company.


Assuming that no process and no product is perfect in the long term, this means that the core areas of the value-added chain, such as R&D and production, in particular, must be constantly revised, rethought and continually improved in order to increase competitive advantages and profitability. With its methods, techniques and many years of experience – right up to successful implementation – the Conceptengineering is your first address.

Nothing is more inspiring than a great idea and
nothing more efficient as transparent and clear processes!